Utunzi Animal Welfare Organization


Our Team

David Obinda

Co-Founder and Executive Director

David Obinda is the co-founder and Executive Director of Utunzi Animal Welfare Organization. He runs the strategy, partnerships, and development for the organization. He is a PhD student at the University of Nairobi, and a food safety specialist. He is passionate about animal welfare and volunteered for local animal welfare initiatives before co-founding Utunzi.

Charles Imo

Co-Founder,Manager in charge of Finance,Logistics and general administration.

Charles Imo is the Co-founder, and manager in charge of Finance, logistics, and general administration. He has an MBA from Kenyatta University, and has experience spanning over 10 years managing  portfolios of programs in the healthcare, start-up and non-profit industries. Charles is passionate about helping develop, implement and maintain business development strategies in organisations.

Josphat Ekuam

Program Officer

Josphat Ekuam is a veterinarian paraprofessional and Project officer in charge of sustainable farming and animal welfare. He has a Bachelor of science in Animal Health Management, Egerton University. He has worked on various projects on the welfare of donkeys and farm animals in various counties. During his free time, he loves volunteering for animal welfare initiatives.

Noah Emedel

Mobilizer & Volunteer Coordinator.

Noah is our dedicated mobilizer and volunteer coordinator. She ensures all our field work engagements are well coordinated, planned, and implemented. Desna is an experienced programs coordinator with 2 years working in the non-profit space.

Adero Simon.

Web & Social Media Administrator.

Simon is our Administrator. He ensures and manages the smooth operation of all the technical and IT related work. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Embu. 

Our Board

Our Board of directors are accomplished and experienced animal welfare experts and professionals who generously contribute their time and service for the development of Utunzi Animal Welfare Organization.

Dr.Mwenda Mbaka

Dr. Mwenda Mbaka is a Kenyan Veterinarian who also holds a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Public Health. He has undertaken numerous consultancy services in Kenya and other countries in Africa, in the areas of Veterinary Public Health, Animal Welfare, and the formulation of Animal Resources Sector Policies.

Mbaka taught Animal Health at the Chuka University in Kenya, where he was the Chairman of the Department of Animal Science during his tenure. He has also served as the Chairman of the Kenya Veterinary Board, and as the President of the Team of Experts to establish and operationalize the African Union’s Association of African Veterinary Statutory Bodies.

He currently serves as the Animal Welfare Expert of the African Union-Inter-Africa Bureau for Animal Resources [AU-IBAR]. Mbaka has also served as the Africa Region External Affairs Advisor to World Animal Protection, which is one of the leading animal welfare organisations globally. He also founded the Traceable Quality Indigenous Chicken Meat Program, which is an innovation based on high-welfare chicken production and a pricing model that de-risks chicken farmers from the fear that makes financial services from financial institutions inaccessible to them.

Mbaka is a dedicated Pan-Africanist, a conservationist, and a passionate champion for Animal Welfare.

Dr. Kikiope Oluwarore

Dr. Kiki is a veterinarian, with an experience spanning 10 years in One Health & Animal welfare programming, research, and nonprofit management.

She holds a DVM from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and an M.S.C. from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She is also the co-founder of Healthier Hens, one of our partner organisations in Kenya.

Ayubu Nnko

Ayubu Nnko is the executive director of Education for African Animal Welfare in Tanzania. He is a trained Journalist with an experience spanning 18 years working in the animal welfare space in his country. He is passionate about empowering the community, and promoting sustainable and responsible coexistence with animals.

Our Partners

Open Wing Alliance

We are a proud and dedicated member of the Open Wing Alliance, which is a coalition of organisations dedicated to ending the abuse of hens in cages. Our membership in this coalition cements all our work and effort in hen welfare. We participate proactively in the coalition led campaigns, training programs, and summits.

Aquatic Animal Alliance

We are a member of the Aquatic Animal Alliance, which is a coalition of advocates who believe aquatic animals should have lives free of suffering. As a member organisations, we support global and regional initiatives that advocate for the welfare of farmed fish. 

Center for Effective Altruism (CEA).

We are an Effective Altruism affiliated organization, with our core beliefs being centred around the principles of Effective Altruism of impartiality, cause prioritisation, and cost-effectiveness—all in the service of seeking to maximise one’s impact.

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